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“For the last 15 years of my life, I have tried to balance between a responsible position in a large international company, my aspiration to be a good mother, wife, friend, free time for myself and one that is enough for me to choose and please a loved one with a gift. or a colleague
Days and hours are never enough!

Thus was born the idea of an online boutique for selected gifts that would impress even the most demanding customer, namely XY-GIFT.
XY-GIFT.com – premium gifts for him, for her, for the office, delivered in an elegant package, on a day and location chosen by the customer. “

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We value time and offer a comprehensive service in order to save yours.
The selection of XY-Gift.com is precisely selected and arranged for easier and faster selection, with a complete luxury look and delivery.
The brand’s portfolio is constantly growing, creating partnerships with famous brands from all over Europe.
XY-Gift.com aims to reach the supply of products for every occasion:


“We are changing the way you choose
gifts for the people who really matter to you! “

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